We're happy to answer your questions.


Do I need any experience?

Nope. Whether you're an HGTV fan or have never redesigned anything, join us.  Everyone's welcome.  Participate to your level of enjoyment.  There are plenty of ways to scratch your creative itch. 


What should I wear?

Saturday when we do the hands-on redesign transformation, it's best to be in comfortable clothes (think yoga or athletic wear) and a pair of "inside tennis shoes".  On Sunday we'll be learning and touring, so wear whatever you're comfortable with!


What will I learn?

Workshop on Interior Redesign on Saturday, along with a hands-on makeover in a real home will give you the tips & techniques to redesign your home. Saturday after the transformation will learn about each other at a wine tasting and app’s (if you don't drink wine, we'll have soft drinks too) Sunday will feature great shopping time along with Custom Colors for your home.


Can I attend if I'm not "creative"?

YES!  We bet you're more creative than you think.  You can watch & learn, or feel free to participate.  Whatever your comfort level, we're happy to have you join us for the weekend.


What if I want to bring an extra person?

The more the merrier!  If you've already registered, give Kristine a call at 847-815-6167 to see if there's still space available.  If you haven't registered yet, then sign-up with your friend and the two of you will each save $50.  If you have three friends who sign-up with you, then the four of you will each save $50 by registering together.  We love seeing girlfriends renew and relax during these creative Wine+Redesign Retreats.


What if I  need a hotel room? 

Go ahead and make your reservations.  Give us a call if you want recommendations.


What if I have allergies?

Please tell us!  We want this weekend to be absolutely wonderful, and don't want you to have to worry about a thing.


What if I don't drink wine?

That's okay too.  We're going to have so much fun with decorating, eating, laughing and more.  We've got you covered.


How do I get there?

You can fly, drive, or walk … just get here! If you need to fly in for the Cincinnati Retreat, then use airport code LUK. If you’re attending the Phoenix Retreat, use airport code PHX.


What if I want to schedule my own Wine+Redesign Retreat, with my group of 6 or more friends?

We're happy to customize a Wine+Redesign Retreat for you, whether it's in the Cincinnati area, Downtown Chicago, Phoenix, or Your Town.  Contact Diane at 513-324-3927 to discuss possible dates and locations.


Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Pick up the phone and give us a call, or send an email if you want to wait for a response.

Call Diane of Agricola Redesign at 513-324-3927 or Contact Diane online

Call Kristine of Styling+Staging at 847-815-6167 Or Email:  Kristine@StylingAndStaging.com