This is YOUR weekend ... to learn, laugh, relax and renew.  This Redesign Retreat will teach you a few things, and give you an escape from the everyday routine that life can become.


Our Mission

 To nurture your Creative Soul and get to know the decorating style within you.  We will send our guests home with the decorating ideas, techniques, and motivation to create beautiful rooms and good memories of a great weekend spent with friends.

Redesign on Any Budget

Color and arrangement can make any house a home. Do you love coming home?

Having taught over 500+ women the Redesign & Staging process, we know how hard creative women work. We wanted to create a place to kick-back, stretch creatively, and have fun. The Wine + Redesign Retreats were born.
— Kristine & Diane

Why We Do Retreats

  • Connect & re-connect with creative women.

  • Enjoy a good glass of wine.

  • Share designer secrets to create beauty in every home.

  • Motivate & inspire others to use-what-they-have in decorating and creativity.

  • Travel to new and different places.

  • Listen to stories of how life has developed for different people.

  • Experience different foods.

  • Enjoy creating new and different spaces.

  • Did we say enjoy a good glass of wine?

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